Level Test QCM

Find out your English level! You have ten minutes to complete this QCM of thirty questions. The questions get more and more difficult as the quiz continues. Good luck!


  1. Seurin

    Je viens de faire le test, j’arrive à 50% donc je suis intermediaire. Qu’est ce que cela signifie ?
    Je pense que je vais devoir venir causer anglais pour progresser.
    I would like to improve my english.

    1. Richard - Anglais.re Post author

      Hi there, an intermediate level means that you are able to communicate in English in most situations. You use grammar correctly most of the time, and you have an average vocabulary. If you would like to see where you need the most improvement, try this quiz: http://kafe.anglais.re/quizzes/0-2/. Also, if you would like to practice your speaking skills, have a look at our weekly Koz Anglais Happy Hour events: http://anglais.re/events/happy/